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Good morning my friends and happy Tuesday!

Today I’m bringing you a little update from Karadise, this time with a few new accessories that I have a major crush on.

These posts I publish about Karadise are so fun for me, and I hope you enjoy them as well. The first time I completed TAOLB’s Personal Culture Map and came to the second column titled “Things I Love”, I immediately began writing down different fashion and lifestyle elements that bring me joy: comfortable blue jeans, cute blank notebooks, wedges, soft tank tops, and the like. Although tangible things aren’t always beholden of joy, I do believe it is important to incorporate into your life the elements you find inspiring…and fashion and accessories inspire me!

First up are these precious clay bead bracelets. Let me list all the reasons I love this little accessory from Karadise.

  1. They come in a variety of colors
  2. The beads come in a variety of shapes
  3. They are only $6

Truly, friends, these bracelets make wonderful gifts. Next time you are at Karadise (ahem, later today) check out the clay bead bracelets and pick up a few for your best girlfriends. Sometimes when I get together with the besties, my mom and sisters, or my MIL and SILs, I like to bring a little gift for everyone. With the clay bead bracelets, with the various colors, patterns, and shapes, you can practically customize every gift. The clay bead bracelets are also a great option should you need an inexpensive little pick-me-up for yourself. (Am I the only one who does this from time to time???) #pleasesayimnot


Next I want to show you these colorful zipper pouches! Gah! I love these friends and not just because of the bright colors, pom poms, and zipper tassels although those are major selling point with me.

These zipper pouches are perfect for storing all the essentials: wallet, keys, gum, gloss, hand sanitizer, extra mask etc…With everything stored safely inside, it makes changing purses an absolute breeze! Just move the pouch from purse to purse depending on what you want to carry that day. The pouch fits easily into a briefcase, carry-on, beach bag, or even in the console of your car. OR, if you want to use the pouch as a clutch purse, it does have a removable loop that fits easily around your wrist. It’s a wristlet, and you can even attach your keys to the loop!

Speaking of keys, have you seen the new Handy keychains at Karadise that allow for hands-free door opening. Yes! These portable, easy-to-carry tools allow you to stay germ-free by providing a handy little hook that grabs onto door handles. Yay for contactless! You can also use the edge of the hook to press buttons on credit card machines or at the gas station. Is it weird that my Handy keychain has become like a personal little helper? Handy helps me remain contactless through tons of situations every day!

And finally, you have to know about this darling, beautiful, perfect, lovely, precious, fashionable, cool backpack.

Yes, it is all those things and more! Kara has these vegan leather backpacks in tan and in black. The adjustable straps provide the perfect fit, while the top handle allows the backpack to transform into an arm bag! This backpack has a very roomy compartment that can hold journals, a laptop, makeup bag (the new pouch!!) masks…y’all it can hold all that plus a spare pair of flipflops should you be heading out for a pedicure. The design is classic, chic, and very functional.

Friends, I hope you have enjoyed these fun little lifestyle pretties as much as I have. Don’t forget to incorporate inspiring elements (or “Things I Love”) into your everyday life. Small doses of beauty like these things will keep us inspired and finding beauty everywhere!


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