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From the desk of Lauren Palmer
Hello! And welcome to The Art of Living Beautifully!

TAOLB is a multi-faceted media company that inspires women to build their own personal culture, provoking enriched lives rather than mere existences. By embracing the elements of life that feed the soul: cooking, gardening, entertaining, fashion and community, you too can live a purposeful, joyful life rather than one numbed by white noise so prevalent in our society.

I founded TAOLB in 2014, and have worked continuously to provide our followers a designer lens to view the world. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to begin receiving the tools needed to turn our vision into your reality with blog updates, a digital copy of our magazine, and inspirational videos directly to your inbox. (PS. You’ll definitely want to purchase a printed subscription of our magazine as well because it always differs slightly from the digital copy, and we don’t want you missing anything!)


Did you know the entire ethos behind TAOLB originated when I moved to Italy in 2003? For the first time in my life I was confronted with the concept of culture and became awestruck by the rich lives of the Italians. To adopt a personal narrative that included overgrown flower pots, meals served on scarred, wooden tables, a distinct fashion sense that communicated strength and savvy, and deep roots to the local community became my obsession; and at twenty I began designing my own personal culture to include all the things I found beautiful and inspiring.

Friends, welcome to The Art of Living Beautifully. We can’t wait to see the personal culture you create!

Come find me @theartoflivingbeautifully on Facebook and Instagram!


Spring Intern

10-week commitment (February 26-May 6)

The Art of Living Beautifully is looking for a Spring intern! Candidates should be energetic, happy, motivated, and quick learners. Intern will learn the skills of publishing a blog and magazine. Internship is unpaid, but only requires between 5-10 hours a week, so candidate can continue to work at their regular paying job.

Skills should include: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, iMovie, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Dropbox, Photoshop, Lightroom, and basic photography skills with DSLR camera. Additional knowledge of MailChimp and WordPress earns extra points. Resumes due February 3.

Must have access to a car and live near McKinney, Texas. Candidate cannot work remotely.

Please send inquiries and resumes to

The Team

Lorie Fangio

Resident Chef

Lorie Fangio is a culinary instructor and owner of A Taste Of Paris culinary trips. She shares her extensive knowledge of French food and culture through cooking classes, regular TV appearances, writing for local publications and speaking engagements. She is a food blogger encouraging busy families to connect around the dinner table with simple recipes.


Beth DiGioia

Resident Gardener

Beth DiGioia is a Garden Coach, horticulturist, Master Gardener and lover of all plants. She began gardening in Texas in 1981 and was determined to find success through the tight, clay soil, broiling summer days, droughts and torrential downpours. She is a co-founder of The Herb Guild and formerly assisted Neil Sperry on his radio show, Neil Sperry’s Texas Gardening. Her goal in garden coaching is to help clients create beautiful gardens which are functional and livable. It is a passion that has evolved through years of formal education, hands-on learning and teaching friends and members of the gardening community.

Ashley Pate

McKinney Homes Editor

Ashley Pate is the owner of Ashley Pate Interior Design. She has over twenty years of experience in the interior design world, ten of which she has owned and operated her own company. Ashley desires to create spaces that reflect the lifestyle and personality of her clients, while also making them functional and giving them that “Designer Look.” She has lived in McKinney, Texas for 13 years.

Ashley Pate Interior Design

Deanne Paul

Staff Writer

Deanne Paul is an Ambassador with Forever and Advisor with Creative Memories, assisting others in preserving family stories through digital and traditional scrapbooking. She is a McKinney resident of 19 years where she and her husband, Chris, have raised their three children. With an MA in Counseling and previous experience as a school counselor, she is passionate about helping others embrace and celebrate the beauty and blessings in their lives.

Blake Boring

Graphic Design

Blake Boring is a freelance graphic designer and owner of Boring Design. She prides herself in her ability to listen to client’s needs while producing a quality design they can be proud of. A bachelors degree in Chemistry gives Blake the unique ability to understand technical and structured design needs while also having artistic freedom to think outside the box. Blake creates all of The Art of Living Beautifully’s digital magazines.

See Blake’s Portfolio

What’s being said about The Art of Living Beautifully?

McKinney Chamber of Commerce Spotlight

What inspired you to start your business?

I felt inspired to start TAOLB when I realized I had unintentionally “abandoned” significant parts of my life in order to focus on being a mother to my two boys, James and Caleb. I missed having a sense of self and I decided I could do both: be Lauren and their mom! I began writing about lifestyle topics such as fashion, cooking and entertaining–the parts of life I missed—in hopes of inspiring myself and others to recognize that creating a beautiful life isn’t as difficult as we think it is. Over the years it morphed into a culture-centric online magazine and blog that primarily focuses on McKinney small businesses, events and non-profit organizations….CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


Sip & Sparkle Sunday

Women 2 Watch 

Meet Lauren Palmer, the publisher of the popular culture-centric blog and digital magazine The Art of Living Beautifully. Her passion for McKinney, Texas and the surrounding areas is manifested through her publications as she inspires a sense of loyalty between citizens, local businesses and non-profit organizations.

I met Lauren through the McKinney Chamber of Commerce LINKS Networking meetingCLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

photo credit Fredshots Photography

Voyage Dallas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Palmer.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
The idea for The Art of Living Beautifully came to me four years ago when my 2 and 4 year olds kept me busy and I thought of little else besides them. I needed a creative outlet and decided to focus on writing about the elements of life I had abandoned in favor of stay-at-home mommyhood, a coveted position that is more difficult than many c-level jobsclick to read more

Good Morning Texas

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