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Good morning McKinney and Happy Monday to you!

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Today as we collectively detox from a weekend at Oktoberfest, I hope you can mentally shift with me to a Parisienne café, soft fall breezes, and the flavor of a flakey croissant lingering on your pallet. Are you with me?

Our Resident Chef, Lorie Fangio, is in Paris as you read this, leading a group of McKinney travelers across the country on one of the highly-acclaimed epicurean adventures she takes each year. A Taste of Paris culinary trips and cooking school was founded 5 years ago when Lorie began teaching private cooking events in her home. She would travel to Paris on a “learning vacation” and would bring back the best places to cook and shop to her students, prompting them to ask, “When are you going to take us?” That night Lorie dreamed in vivid color about sharing her love of food and France with her students….and A Taste of Paris was born. She took 9 people to France the first year. Now she leads 4 groups a year with 8-12 people in each group.

A Taste of Paris trips are food and wine-centric journeys across France. The group stays in boutique-style hotels and attend cooking classes and tasting events throughout the trip. People are often intrigued by the French and this gives them an opportunity to learn. By leading her travelers in off-the-beaten-path adventures Lorie gives them a deep, rich experience and an intimate look at the way the French eat and live. “We see how different they are when it comes to food and eating. At the table, cell phones are nowhere in site, and they don’t shy away from current events during meals. Their attitude, their sense of self makes them chic, providing that allure always associated with the French..”

When not traveling across France, (or sharing fabulous recipes with The Art of Living Beautifully readers) Lorie is busy hosting cooking events here in McKinney. The topics of these private, in-home events vary from sweets, breads, cocktails and appetizers. Some are kid-friendly. Others focus on creating gifts in the kitchen. All are interactive and such fun! Visit A Taste of Paris for a schedule of upcoming classes and trips. How wonderful that we have someone like Lorie to bring culture and cuisine to McKinney! Lorie has trips scheduled through 2020. You could be on it!

Don’t forget to follow along with Lorie on Instagram @atasteofparis and Facebook @atasteofparistrips to watch this Paris adventure unfold!…her most recent picture is HYSTERICAL!


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