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A Spring Front Door

How does Southern Living always make the front doors on their magazine covers look so charming and put together? Most likely they have several gophers on site: someone to keep dead leaves from blowing back into the shot,  someone to ensure optimum light, someone to bring multiple options of plants so the stylist can chose the one with the perfect amount of blooms, even if the shoot takes place at a time when that particular flower is not blooming. Its like that time I heard the azeleas weren’t blooming yet for The Masters, so they overnighted all new bushes that were blooming and planted them all over the course the night before the tournament began. I really wish we had that kind of power before this photo shoot.

Regardless of our lack of light, I think you will appreciate our effort and the point I’m making.:)

I love the idea of changing front door décor for the season. More than just changing a wreath, getting creative with the façade of your home an excellent way to greet your guests before they ever ring the bell. In this case, I brought around a potted lemon tree and basil plant from Sadie’s garden as well as a watering can, my favorite Hunter rain boots (remember?) and various other gardening gadgets to make a small garden at the front door. What says ‘Spring is here!’ better than a garden? Plus, you can cut samples for your guests as they leave, and even pass on a recipe that includes the samples they are taking…like Lemon Basil Parmesan Crisps!!!

Lets not forget the wonderful candles I told you about in The Entryway. These are perfect to place in lanterns by the front door; they won’t make a mess if melted by the sun!!

Please Please Please post some pictures of your Front Door Décor (or any décor for that matter!) and be sure tag me. You can find me here:

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photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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