A Single-Day Summer Gun-Smoking Guide

MatchSignup is a service that allows people to create profiles and connect with other users based on similar interests. The idea is that you can search for matches based on location, hobbies or any number of other criteria. For example, if I am interested in shooting matches on the weekend, I can create a profile and add my desired city and/or state to narrow my search. Once the profile is created, I choose my city or state, and then choose whether or not I would like MatchSignup to filter my matches by city and/or state. This is where MatchSignup differs from other dating services.

MatchSignup uses five stages to compare matches: convenience, personality, activity, and sports, and then gives you a list of available shooters based on those criteria. For example, I search for MatchSignup users who are interested in hunting or fishing on the weekends. On the second page of the Match Signup screen I find the users with a high compatibility rating and an area where they frequently shoot matches. This list is populated by users who have chosen a specific criteria and have chosen a city or state where they shoot their matches.

MatchSignup works in the same way. You enter your criteria (city and state) and you will be presented with a list of matching candidates. When you are ready to start searching for a match, you can click “Register” and pay the subscription fee. After your account is set up, you can start searching for matches within seconds.

MatchSignup works very well with my favorite Internet dating website. First, it allows me to search for individuals based on criteria that eliminates those with a high compatibility rating and a complete lack of activity. Second, when I find a match, I select it and enter in my monetary and e-mail addresses so that I can get in contact with the individual. Third, because each individual on my list is paid on a month-to-month basis, I only ever pay the minimal fee for each individual match. Fourth, once my match confirms their payment, I pay the corresponding fee and put my pistol in “lock-box” until my match arrives.

That’s all there is to it. It takes a few minutes of my time and I haven’t had to pay any fees for almost a year. When my match finally arrives, I simply go to my pistol and I’m ready to go. That was my experience a few weeks ago in the Smoky Mountains. Now my match has a personal website where I can interact with my wife, kids, grandchildren, friends and coworkers. It’s just another added convenience that makes MatchSignup just one more tool to help my family to enjoy the great Smoky Mountains.

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