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A Mulberry Gap Campground in Southern Ontario

Little did anyone realize that this dating relationship would prove to be the beginning of Mulberry Gap’s existence so many years later. During her years at Florida State University, she completed a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration and she then went on to obtain an MBA in Business Administration at the University of Miami. During her time at the university, she also participated in internships with the American Automobile Association as well as the Florida Office of Economic and Social Service Solutions. After graduation, she immediately began working at the Mulberry Gap Company, a direct selling company that sells discount furniture, bedding, lighting and home accessories. During her time at the company, she met her now husband, Jacob. After about a year of marriage counseling, they both decided it was time to pursue their love of the outdoors by getting married and living on their own.

Their first year of surviving as a married couple was tough but not entirely miserable. Despite having very little funds, Mulberry Gap put together a life-size survival kit that included survival food, first aid supplies, a sleeping bag, water, a portable stove and lanterns. It is said that this was before the age of stoves and gas stoves, which wouldn’t be available for another fifteen years. Since they had no running water and a very primitive telephone, it was difficult to stay in touch with their close friends and relatives.

Eventually, Mulberry Gap’s owner, Patti Johnson, began construction on what would become the G gap trail. The trail would connect their two campsites at the Creek. The trail would also include a dirt path for bicycles and a hiking trail, as well as a parking area. At the Creek, Johnson built a makeshift shelter under a large overhang where she placed tables and chairs along the creek’s edge and on the forested hillside across the creek from her location.

Over the years, the G gap proved to be a great destination for hikers and cyclists looking for a little solitude, as well as an excellent base to do some off road cycling or mountain biking. Many cyclists make the trip even more memorable by stopping at local businesses such as the Ellijay Coffee Shop for a delicious cup of coffee. The trail also includes a portion of the Trans Canada Trail, which passes through beautiful woods and spectacular scenery. After a hard day of bicycling, one could make the short trek into town, where a picnic lunch is usually offered, and engage in a conversation with local residents about the Canadian mountain biking trails that border the U.S.

To visit the Mulberry Gap Campground is quite a trek though, as it is only about one mile long. This makes the trip an ideal getaway for families with children. There are about 12 miles of mountain biking trails that pass through the forested landscape of Southern Ontario. Most of these trails are relatively easy to follow and bring you close to the town of maple syrup.

One of the most popular activities to do in the summer months, aside from enjoying the breathtaking scenery, is riding the popular gravel bike trails in and around the Mulberry Gap Campground. The trail is not wide enough to accommodate many bikers, so make sure to bring a partner if you want to try this ride! You’ll find that riding on the smooth pebbles is a completely different experience than going down hill, so take your time and learn how to control your bike as you go down the sloping surface. There are also a number of outfitters in town for renting bikes and other equipment. The park headquarters offers free guided tours of the entire park, so you can explore all of its fascinating features. On your tour, stop at the lodge for a hot cup of coffee and some hot meals, or even enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.

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