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One of www.theartoflivingbeautifullyis a magazine called Southern Lady. It is always filled with feminine tablescapes and refreshing takes on ‘old-favorite’ recipes, and reading its words/absorbing its pictures is an indulgence I must allow myself every two months. In the January/February edition, a beautiful rose and succulent filled heart caught my eye as I was flipping through the glossy pages. This looked like the perfect project to take me back to Sadie’s Potting Shed.

Southern Lady suggests using the lid of a Valentine Chocolate box, filling it with wet floral foam, and “planting” a selection of Rose Hips, Hypericum berries and Succulents. You can find full directions here.  Although this idea is lovely and even revitalizing (for me it’s always restorative to work with nature), I wanted to create a similar piece to last all Spring.


What You Will Need:

1.) 1 shallow heart-shaped tray, or the lid of a Valentine Chocolate Box

**I used heart-shape in honor of Valentine’s Day, however, any shape will do. Can you imagine how sweet a rabbit filled with Hydrangea would be??

2.) Depending on the size of your tray–6-7 silk flowers, your choice on species and color.

**take your tray with you to buy the flowers and “measure” how many will cover the entire surface area.

3.) 1 sheet dry florist foam–large enough to cover the inside of your tray. You may have to cut several different “shapes” to cover the entire area, but no one will see them beneath the flowers.

4.) Small clip-on butterflies

5.) Rafia covered stem wire

6.) Sharp scissors for cutting through wire


1.) Cut florist foam to fill the inside of your tray. The top of the foam should be level with the top of your tray. If it is taller, trim the depth a bit.

2.) Cut flowers from stems leaving approximately a 2 inch tail. The stem should be long enough to be fully inserted into the florist foam leaving the blooms to rest just on top. Insert stems until all surface area is covered.

3.) Cut the stem wire to a length of 6 inches–long enough be fully inserted into the florist foam and stand about 3 inches above the blooms. Bend the top inch of the wire, and clip on the butterfly to look as though it is hovering just above the garden.

Because this silk garden is relatively flat, I think it would make an excellent centerpiece that looks bright and cheery but is easy to see over. If you chose to make one, I would certainly love to see a picture via Instagram! You can also find me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter.

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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