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Good Morning McKinney!

My friend and neighbor down the street, Shay, is a cookbook author and blogger, and every few months she publishes a post called “Day in the Life” where she basically outlines her day complete with pictures and links to her favorite products etc…I find these posts so much fun to read, probably because I’m fascinated with how people spend their time and live their lives. Well, last week when Shay published her most recent  “Day in the Life” post, I texted her and asked if I could steal her idea for TAOLB sometime. She said Of course! so I scheduled a day to document and decided on Tuesday, August 7. Friends, it was really fun to document but difficult for me to remember to take pictures of everything I did. A few times, I had to go back to whatever I was doing and take a quick retake! Ha!

Anyway, this is what a basic summer day looks like for me. Typically I’m trying to juggle being a mom and playing magazine publisher. I’m not actually sure if you will find it all that interesting, so if you get bored no hard feelings. See you on Monday!


I’m an early bird by nature, so my days usually begin anywhere between 5-6:30 each morning. I’m serious, the latest I’ve ever slept in my life is probably 10:30 or so…and that was in college. That fact has actually worked out pretty well for me because I’ve learned waking up before everyone else, and having some time before the chaos begins is extremely important to my mindset. When I first wake up, it’s like my mood hasn’t really “taken shape” yet, so I need some time for it to fully awaken before a kid annoys me and I lose it before 7:30 AM.

Every morning I make coffee in a French press and drink it out of one of Wayne’s beautiful coffee mugs. The very first time I did the Whole 30, I learned sugar and dairy are prohibited, and read something that really rang true to me because beforehand I had always added milk and sugar to my coffee, “…if you just don’t like black coffee, you are either not buying good coffee or you actually don’t like coffee.–you just like the sweet, creamy stuff you typically add to coffee.” I was like, huh. That is so true. So I got in the habit of only adding almond milk. SWEET FACT:  When my Mimi went to heaven in 2009, I was given the little ceramic container she had always used to store her coffee, and now I store mine in it.

After the coffee is made, I sit down in the same chair every morning for my quiet time. I especially love this chair in the winter because it is directly next to the fireplace and I often light a fire as soon as I get up.

Something you may not know about me is that I am an avid journaler and have been since I was a little girl. I write every single day and I write by hand. I start out with writing the verse of the day that shows up on my Bible App, and then write down other stuff: feelings, prayers, worries, to-do lists. My favorite journal to use is the Leuchtturm 1917. It is similar to a Moleskin but the cover is firmer which is nice because I take my journal with me everywhere I go, and often continue journaling throughout the day.

I’m also reading a couple of books. Don’t be impressed…I’ve been working on them for a while. Reading is probably my favorite hobby, and I’m actually a pretty fast reader, but I don’t have as much time these days to speed through several books a month, so I just read a little at a time and don’t worry about it. I’ve been reading The Turquoise Table…which I absolutely LOVE!!! It’s a little devotional about making hospitality simple and getting to know your surrounding community, namely your neighbors. I’m also reading Called to Create about being a Christian and an entrepreneur. It has been fantastic so far!

After my quiet time, I watered my plants and then made breakfast This morning it was leftover vegetable risotto from the night before. I know that sounds weird, but I love eating “day” food for breakfast. And no, the kids didn’t eat risotto too. I’m the only one who does that.

That morning the kids and I hosted a little “Back to School” breakfast in the driveway. It was super casual: kids in pajamas, paper plates, donuts, coffee and a few quilts spread out for everyone to sit on. Y’all this was such a fun thing to do. I got the idea after reading The Turquoise Table–the author encourages us to become Front Yard People, and not to stress if the house isn’t clean or you haven’t made the perfect meal. Invite people to the front yard and don’t worry about anything needing to be perfect. The kids had a blast and the moms got to visit and catch up. So. Much. Fun! We are definitely making this an end of summer tradition.

After the Back-to-School breakfast, the kids helped me clean up and then I sat down at the kitchen table while they brushed teeth and got dressed. I ate some of my favorite chips and checked Instagram. I know. Super productive.

Then we hopped in the car and picked Brian up at his office for an early lunch at The One and Only Burger. I grabbed a Spindrift on my way out the door. I get these at Trader Joe’s and they are soooooo good! Tripple filtered sparkling water + freshly squeezed fruit juice=AWESOME! I take two liquid vitamins each day and drop them right into the can of Spindrift. I don’t even taste the vitamins!

Although we’ve heard about the One and Only Burger several times, none of us had ever tried it. Friends, this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in a LONG TIME! Delicious food and great prices. There was steady business the entire time we were there, and the staff was excellent at getting everyone moved through the line and their food delivered quickly. So, so, so good! We will definitely visit again!

After lunch we dropped Brian off at his office in downtown McKinney, and then came back to the house for a little bit. The boys played, and I worked on the Shutterfly book I’m making about our recent trip to Padre. I was so excited because they were having a half-off sale through midnight which was perfect because I wanted to order one for me and one for Jill. Well, I finished the project, but completely forgot to order it by midnight. Grrrrrrr! (Scroll down a little bit and you’ll understand why I was so distracted I forgot to order it.) Guess I’ll be waiting to order it until the next sale.

Finally at 1:30 I got dressed for the day. These are basically the things I’m using for makeup, hair and perfume right now.


Number 111 Nouba Staminal Foundation and Number 56 Nouba Blush on Bubble–both from Sharla’s

Lancome Definicils Mascara in Black

Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand

Smashbox lipgloss in a color that isn’t made anymore.

This is my basic face for most of the year, except sometimes when I’m not lazy I add eye liner.


Hannah at Skylight Salon in downtown McKinney cuts my hair and got me hooked on these two products: Davines texture spray and shine spray. I use the texture spray on the ends of my hair instead of hairspray and the shine spray a few inches below the roots.

13 years ago Sharla introduced  me to my most favorite scent of all time, the fragrance I wore to my wedding, and the one I hope my kids will associate with me when they’re older, and that is Bond No. 9 The Hamptons. A few years ago when I was in Ashland visiting Courtney, we were at Prize Shoppe, my most favorite store there, and I bought a little roll on scent that I love to layer with my Bond. Its called Maison Louis Marie No.9 Valle de Farney.


Brian worked from home in the afternoon because I had two appointments for work. First: I headed to Oil & Vinegar at The Shops at Legacy for a quick meeting. Stay tuned friends, because we have another article publishing about Oil & Vinegar at the end of the month about all the pantry staples they carry and you will NOT want to miss it! You can see my previous articles about Oil & Vinegar here and here.

Then I headed to Patina Green for a photoshoot with Maredith Laude for the September magazine. Friends, mark your calendars for Sept 5th when our September magazine launches! I’m telling a part of the history of Patina Green that you haven’t heard before. Plus Maredith’s gorgeous pictures will be in there and you will freak out when you see them!

I finally made it home around 5:30, and we FaceTimed my niece, Larkin, because it was her 10th bday! (It was also Brian’s brother Colin’s birthday but he didn’t answer when we FaceTimed him bc he was still at work.)

Caleb had 2 friends spend the night and James had one friend. The night was fun and chaotic and full of hungry, rowdy boys. I made tacos (ground beef from Local Yocal of course!) and then watched the kids swim and have a popsicle.


This was the last thing I saw before I put everyone to bed…

So that was my day: Tuesday, August 7, 2018. If you made it all the way to the end of this super-long post, Congratulations! Looks like you are just as intrigued as I am with how other people spend their days. Have a great weekend friends, and I’ll see you on Monday!

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