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If you are local to DFW, you are no stranger to the bizarre weather we Texans sometimes find ourselves navigating. Frigid, overcast days begin at 32º and drizzly, only to calm into a pleasant 70º evening with a watermelon pink sunset. Not only does this cause the kids to be sick, but honestly, how are we expected to dress for this mercurial climate? My answer? Hunter boots and lots of layers…one of them being a shearling vest of course!

The best part about Hunter Boots is the color, whichever you chose. They are available in about a zillion! I have a real passion and love affair with color, and these turquoise wellies are most definitely one of my Favorite Favorites. Whether the weather is wet or dry, these boots are relevant. We all need color in our lives!

Color = Happiness.

For Function or for Fashion, Hunter Boots are an excellent choice during the unexpected weather changes of Texas Winters and wet Springs.

When wearing these boots, I often pair them with muted colors to allow the turquoise to really pop.

Here I paired them with gray skinnies by Joe’s Jeans. I actually bought these in 2007 when Joe–the designer himself–was making a PA at Nordstrom NorthPark. I asked Joe which jeans were a must-have. He said gray skinnies. I said I’ll take ’em! . Brian frowned and asked how much. This conversation pretty much sums up every shopping excursion we have ever experienced together. 🙂

A gray flannel tunic, toboggan, and turquoise scarf are warm but can be easily removed if the weather warms up a bit…well, at least the hat and scarf can. 🙂 If the weather is exceptionally chilly, add a military jacket and layer your vest on top of that! Layers keep us warm while giving the flexibility to shed a few when needed.

That being said, with so many layers, I keep jewelry to a minimum. A few turquoise bracelets and ring, and this dinosaur skull necklace my boys bought for me at the Perot Museum Gift Shop. I often find myself wearing it when I feel they are growing up too fast…which is like everyday.


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This is my last post of the month, which means my last chance to show you just how versatile a shearling vest can be. Here are a couple of other Looks that I just didn’t have time to post.

With white jeans, chambray shirt, leopard flats and a hot pink pop of color

With white jeans, chambray shirt, leopard flats and a hot pink pop of color

With dark blue skinnies, knee high boots and a little plaid.

With dark blue skinnies, knee high boots and a little plaid.

With a graphic print dress and riding boots

With a graphic print dress and riding boots

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how versatile the Shearling Vest truly is. Regardless your outing, it is almost always appropriate.


-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari



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