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Mckinney Gardens

Garden Favorites January 2019

I love sound in the garden.  My favorite tunes are bird song, but second are my Corinthian Bells wind chimes.  Their centrally suspended aluminum tubes and high density striker produce incredible tones and resonance, and the melodies continue long after...

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January 2019 Garden Tip

From the garden of Beth DiGioia Build a Grow Station Mid-month it’s going to be time to start growing spring vegetables.  The advantage to growing plants from seed is that the varieties available are endless.  Unfortunately, there are few windowsills that provide...

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History of Mistletoe

From the garden of Beth DiGioia When the trees have lost their leaves, look up and you will sometimes see clumps of round green foliage on the branches of pecans and oaks.  It’s Mistletoe, a semi-parasitic plant that attaches itself to hardwood trees and extracts...

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Sage: The Thanksgiving Herb

From the garden of Beth DiGioia Come November we start to think about Thanksgiving and family crowded around a table groaning with holiday treats (which explains why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!).  Turkey is the traditional centerpiece of Thanksgiving...

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November 2018 Garden Tip

From the garden of Beth DiGioia Just in Time for Holiday Gifting: Homemade Vanilla Extract 1.) Slice open ten vanilla beans lengthwise, and with the back of the knife, scrape the inside to extract the tiny, sticky, black seeds inside (the seeds contain the flavor)....

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