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detox water, cucumber, mint, lemon, water infusion

I have a fun little surprise for you! This month I’m publishing THREE RECIPES for WATER!! Are you so excited?? Okay, I know it doesn’t sound super exciting, but it really is. Infused waters are delicious, hydrating, good for you, and this one in particular is detoxifying. Right this second I have three different infused waters in my fridge.

Remember when Pete taught us how to make some specialty cocktails for Thanksgiving Brunch, and he suggested using the Mason Jar Shaker? Well, the creators of that shaker have now launched The Mason Tap–which is basically a Mason Jar lid with a spout–perfect for making infused oils, spirits and waters! They have also published a new book called Infuse full of delicious recipes for all sorts of…you guessed it!…Infusions!


Make a pitcher or two on Sunday night to enjoy throughout the week!


2 liters water

1 English Cucumber, sliced

1 Lemon, sliced

10-12 Mint leaves

*Combine all ingredients in a large glass pitcher and allow to steep overnight in the fridge. Remove lemons or water will begin to taste like the rind.

Buon Appetito!!

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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