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fall food graphicThis past month I’ve really needed some kitchen inspiration. Am I the only one who gets in a recipe rut at times? I delved into the TAOLB archives for a pantry re-wind so my kids/hubs wouldn’t fire me, and we wouldn’t go broke from eating out. #momsuccess

So here are a few favorites I have been (re)making in Kitchen Palmer.

breakfast: slow-cooker harvest oatmeal

harvest oatmeal, crockpot, breakfast

I published this recipe last year as part of my Thanksgiving Brunch. I’ll be honest with you…I live in a house full of texture sensitive boys. None of them love this recipe, but only because they don’t like oatmeal in general. It’s too mushy/squishy/disgusting/reminds them of barf…you get the picture. I, however, love oatmeal and this recipe. You will too! Plus its ready when you wake up in the morning. Score.

lunch: pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup, fall food, lunch, dinner, soup, pumpkin

It’s always a hit at my Witch’s Brunch! Served with brown sugar carmelized apples and grown up grilled cheese, this soup should be a Fall staple at your house too.

snack: Halloween Snack Mix

halloween mix, snacks, chex mix, kid food


I actually refer to this as a ‘mixture of ingredients’ because its so simple, I feel guilty calling it a recipe. Mix it together. Eat it. Done. Oh! And make sure to use butter pretzels. They are insane.

side dish: Spaghetti Squash with rosemary and goat cheese

spaghetti squash, side dish, fall food, rosemary, goat cheese

I made this dish at my cooking demo at Oil and Vinegar last weekend. Both staff and customers were big fans! Spaghetti squash is unexpected and ridiculously simple to prepare. The rosemary and goat cheese provide elegance and elevate the flavor to a dish worthy of roast chicken or Florentine Steak.

dinner: Sausage Risotto with Sage and Fontina

risotto, sage, fontina, sausage, butternut squash, pumpkin, fall food, dinner, supper

Risotto. Sausage. Pumpkin. That’s all I got.


drink: Chilled Spice Tea

spice tea

For those of you who love Neiman Marcus Spice Tea as much as me, this is definitely a recipe that belongs in your recipe box. Tangy and full of Fall flavors like nutmeg and cinnamon, this is an excellent beverage to have in the fridge when entertaining and someone asks for a non-alcoholic drink. Spice Tea to the Rescue.

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