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Greetings from Sadie’s Potting Shed! It has been ages and ages since my black thumb has had any exercise, and to be honest, this is not a great time of year to literally get my hands dirty…it’s way too cold. Instead, January is the time when gardeners stay warm inside with a cup of hot herbal tea and make their plans for Spring seeding.

My plans for Spring seeding include beginning a small potager garden on the side yard outside my kitchen door.

Heather Rhoades describes a potager garden in an article for Gardening Know How [dot] com: Potager gardens combine the utilitarian nature of an English kitchen garden with the style and grace of French fashion. I love that description! Food and fashion. So, so many possibilities!

I find it best not to take on too much at once, so for now, I’m sticking to only herbs–with plans to add vegetables eventually. With the help of my husband and the sick drafting skills he picked up at MHS circa 1998, I have made a little map of the area to write ideas and make plans. Sadie has agreed to consult with me regarding species and locations, but I also plan to do some research on my own. Here are a couple of resources I’m checking out in case you are interested.

Edible Wild Plants

Charlotte Moss: Garden Inspirations

The Beautiful Kitchen Garden

Along with herbs, I plan on planting a Bay tree and a Meyer lemon tree, both taken from samples from Sadie’s personal garden. And for the style and grace of French fashion? The single round puffs of hydrangeas remind me of the full tutus worn by Degas’s ballerinas, such beauty and femininity found in their dress rehearsals alone. I can imagine the full blooms leaning against the side of the house, waiting for their turn to twirl when a summer breeze pushes them too and fro in a pas de quatre, or cinq, or six or sept…depending on how many I can coax from my soil.


-ciao for now-


For more information on potager gardens, check out this article on

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